Teeth Whitening

So many of our patients love drinks that can stain the teeth, like tea, coffee and the occasional glass of wine, but they can really take a toll on the brightness of your smile. You’ll be amazed at the difference our teeth whitening treatments can make to both your smile and your confidence.

A youthful smile

Did you know that it’s not only food and drink, or even smoking, that can dull the colour of your teeth? It’s really common for teeth to become discoloured over time. Therefore, a whiter, brighter smile can help make you look younger.

From the minute you pick up the phone to make an appointment, to the moment you leave the practice, our friendly, experienced team will be here for you.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

  • A brighter, cleaner looking smile
  • Visible results in just a few days
  • Safe and quick
  • Long-lasting results

The process

We offer at-home dentist-supervised teeth whitening treatments, which combines professional care with flexibility. This process involves taking a digital scan of your teeth to create comfortable, customised plastic guards.
These thin guards are designed to hold a mild whitening solution, which reacts with water to release a non-toxic substance that bleaches your teeth gently and effectively.

At-home options

We offer two innovative at-home teeth whitening treatments, and we’ll work with you to decide which one would suit you best:

Boutique whitening
Boutique’s high-strength formula is 60 times stronger than non-professional products, and provides stunning results in two to three weeks.

Enlighten Smiles
Enlighten not only prioritises precision design and development, but the planet too. Their products are vegan-friendly and plastic-negative, meaning that they remove double the amount of plastic from the environment than they put in.

Talk to us to see how teeth whitening could transform your smile.


How long does the process take?
Depending on the result you’d like to achieve, the treatment usually takes between two and four weeks. Most people notice a real difference in just one week.
How long will the results last for?
Providing you take care of your teeth, and avoid things that stain your teeth – such as coffee, red wine and cigarettes – the effects of your teeth whitening treatment can be permanent.
How long do I have to wear the guards for each day?
We suggest that patients either wear their teeth whitening guards throughout the night, or to wear them for two to four hours at a time during the day. If you have naturally sensitive teeth, then wearing the guard in the daytime might be best for you.
Will the teeth whitening solution damage my gums?
The guards are placed inside the mouth, sitting against the teeth, so there isn’t any contact with gums. They are designed from thin plastic to fit your own mouth comfortably.
Will teeth whitening treatment work on all discoloration?
Teeth whitening treatments aren’t effective on dental restorations such as porcelain crowns and composite fillings. If you would like advice on keeping your crowns and fillings looking their best, book an appointment and talk to one of the team.

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