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Here you can find our current price list, along with details of our membership, to help you take control of your oral health.

Membership plans

Maintaining great oral health shouldn’t be a chore. We’ve created a variety of membership plans to take the hassle out of your dental care, with options to suit your individual needs.

Finance options

Don’t let finance concerns stand in the way of your oral care. Take a look at our affordable finance options and how you can spread the cost of your treatment with manageable monthly payments.

New Patient Examinations Fees
New patient examination £89
New patient child (12-18 years) £30
New patient child (5-12 years) £25
New patient child (under 5s) Free*
Casual Emergency appointment £98 + treatment
All prices inclusive of x-rays
Routine Examinations Fees
Adult Exam £48
Student Exam £36
New patient child (5-12 years) £25
Child Exam (12-18 years) £25
Child Exam (5-12 years) £22.50
Child (Under 5) Free*
Emergency Appointment £44
X-rays £17.50
* Under 5s free if accompanied by registered adult.
Fillings Fees
Small amalgam (silver) filling £126
Medium amalgam filling £168
Large amalgam filling £205
Small composite (white) filling £147
Medium composite filling £195
Large composite filling £220.50
Extractions Fees
Simple extraction £180
Complex surgical extraction £230

*Patients under the age of 18 pay 50% of listed treatment prices

Root Canal Treatment Fees
Incisor root canal treatment from £462
Premolar root canal treatment from £520
Molar root canal treatment from £635
Specialist Endodontics Fees
Consultation with Mike Waplington £120
Specialist root canal treatment from £950
Pulp therapy treatment £800
Crowns Fees
Porcelain fused to metal crown £705
All white metal free crown £750
All gold crown £831
Porcelain veneer £750
Crown re-cement £89
Fibre post placement £220
Bridges Fees
Maryland bridge from £580
Fixed bridge from £660
Dentures Fees
Acrylic partial denture 1-4 teeth £825
Acrylic partial denture 5-11 teeth £858
Full arch acrylic denture £876
Set of full-full acrylic dentures £1397.55
Cobalt chrome denture 1-4 teeth £974
Cobalt chrome denture 4-8 teeth £1,036
Dentures additions Fees
Addition to current denture £177
Repair to denture £177
Denture strengthener £177
Immediate/ Emergency denture £515
Denture Clasp addition £50
Splints / Guards Fees
Soft occlusal splint £150
Hard occlusal splint POA
1 colour sports guard £105
Multiple colour sports guard £125
Tooth Whitening Fees
Boutique tooth whitening £400 dual arch    
£250 single arch
Enlighten tooth whitening £640
Boutique whitening refill x2 £60
Implant Fees
Implant consultation with Mike Waplington £120
Implant from £3000
Hygienist Fees
30 Minute hygienist appointment £77
Airflow treatment +£25

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